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Lagos4Lagos Movement blasts Senator Ogunlewe, says he is a part of the problem

The attention of the Lagos4Lagos movement has been called to an interview granted by Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe as aired on Arise Television Wednesday morning. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have bothered to respond to the rant of the former Senator who has just been rehabilitated with ‘appointment’ given to his son by the character he granted same interview to impress, but for the sake of our teeming supporters and unassuming public who don’t know or may have forgotten that the same Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe had once used same platform (Arise TV) to drag the system he’s now praising on the floor.


There is need to put things in the right perspective, that Senator Ogunlewe’s interview on Arise TV of Wednesday Morning was nothing but a way of saying thank you to the system that imposed his Son on the people of Kosofe Local Government. Needless to bore the populace with the truism that he who plays the piper dictates the tune. It is not rocket science to know when a spin doctor speaks to the gallery. Firstly, he alleged openly that money politics reigns in Lagos State and expressed clearly that “democracy and money works together” This statement underscores the need to expunge these old men from their grip of Lagos and to specially show them we are more than determined this time to make democracy work for the people who do not have the kind of money the senator is boasting about.


He equally talked about his inability to build a structure in 10 years’ with all the position he has held in public office, May we inform the senator that political structure of Lagos4Lagos is everywhere today and we wouldn’t mind providing him the drivers of our structure in his ward in Ikorodu local government to join in case he wants to be relevant again in politics. In fact, Lagos4Lagos movement under the leadership of her Lead Visioner Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (Jandor) already has formidable structure in all the nooks and crannies of the state going by this definition.


For the umpteenth time, we have said that the people of Lagos are wiser now and understand the narratives sponsored by some of these tired men who unfortunately have run out of ideas to engage with the people in modern day participatory democracy. Without mincing words and beyond this rebuttal to the public negative vituperations of the Senator towards our formidable movement, we make bold to say that time has indeed come for Lagos to move forward in the real sense and we have the collective will of majority of the masses and concerned stakeholders to redirect the ship of the state to prosperity and equal opportunity for all by making Lagos wealth truly work for Lagos.



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