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Ahead of scheduled LGA tour, Jandor meets PDP LGA Chairmen

…restates commitment to intensify reconciliatory moves among PDP stakeholders


In a bid to fine-tune preparations for the forthcoming LGA tour scheduled for Thursday, Lead Visioner, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (Jandor) has met with the chairmen of PDP in the 20 Local Governments of the state. It would be recalled that Jandor had last week inaugurated a “Contact and Integration” committee, saddled with the task of ensuring a seamless integration of Lagos4Lagos members into the PDP across the 245 wards and 20 Local Governments in the State.


Addressing the chairmen, Jandor reiterated the need for cooperation and unity among party members especially among the PDP chairmen and their respective ward excos. According to Jandor, the interest and long-term benefit of the party having a government structure in 2023 supersedes the benefits of jostling for party structure. While admitting that the differences was bound to happen due to the differing tendencies where the ward & LGA leaders emerged, Jandor noted that the task ahead requires everyone to bury their differences to stay focused on winning the 2023 General election.


He said: “As a movement, we have demonstrated our commitment to promote peace and harmony by our reconciliation efforts. We have mandated leaders in our Apex body who came from the PDP to reconcile with other PDP tendencies in their Local Governments and we have largely succeeded in the reconciliation process”. Buoyed by the success of his reconciliation moves since he expressed his decision to join the PDP last year, Jandor restated his commitment to pursue reconciliation and unity among the tendencies and stakeholders in the party.


Jandor further stated: “We are committed to promoting harmony in the party. This is why we have related and interacted with all the tendencies in the party from the very first day we made a decision to join the party. In fact, on this contact & integration committee, the members were selected from all the tendencies in the party. This goes a long way to show that we are ready to work with everyone in the party to ensure that the party takes over the reins of government come 2023”.

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