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Jandor announces postponement of official declaration event of Lagos Governorship ambition

…new date now Thursday March 24, 2022


Lagos4Lagos Lead Visioner & Lagos Governorship hopeful Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (Jandor) has announced a postponement of the proposed Sunday March 20th official declaration of his intention to run for the office of the Governor of Lagos at the 2023 gubernatorial elections. The postponement became necessary due to a last-minute issue that developed between the management of the event centre and their joint partners.


According to Jandor, “this afternoon, I received a mail from the owners of our proposed venue informing us that the joint partners had drawn their attention to the mutual contractual agreement not to hold events at the venue on Sundays”. Jandor quoted an extract from the mail sent by the management of the event centre which reads “we write to communicate the cancellation of your event due to the disturbing incidents that arose from a similar event at our venue, and that the joint partner of our enterprise, the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church considers it a contravention of our contractual agreement to hold events on a Sunday when their services and further church activities would be holding.


February 27, 2022 (PDP Congress) witnessed some upheavals such as a tear gas being shot and several disturbances to the neighborhood and the church has been forced to take possible court action drawing from our contract”. Unfortunately, we were totally blindsided to the said agreement and were fully ready to activate our event tomorrow. Continuing, he said “it is barely 24 hours to our planned event and we have had to make this difficult decision to postpone in consideration of the prevailing circumstances.


Concluding, Jandor apologizes sincerely to all invited guests for inconveniences caused as a result of the postponement and pleaded for their understanding. The new date for the event has been fixed for Thursday March 24, 2022 at the same venue.

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