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“We must take the task at hand with every sense of responsibility. It is essential, it is urgent. It is the battle to rescue Lagos and engender the city and her inhabitants to finally blossom to their full potentials.”

– Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran



We are a group of young, passionate and goal-driven individuals concerned about the socio-economic development of Lagos State with a clear vision to truly make Lagos work for those who live and work in Lagos


The Lagos4Lagos evolved from a non-governmental philanthropic organisation called Jandor Foundation focused on equipping indigent Lagosians with tools and support they need to fight poverty. Our continuous interactions and activities soon exposed the real awful state of well-being and deprivation owing to years of neglect, especially by recent governments. We therefore deployed interventions and support in the areas of:


With over 100 scholarship grants to students across tertiary institutions within 2 years of operations, we strive to provide access to quality education for indigent students. Where exceptional and rare talents are found, indigent primary and secondary students are also adopted for scholarship grants.

In futuristic planning, the need for virtual learning was envisaged, especially for students in rural communities and a 32-seater ICT centre was built to serve 16 riverine communities with boats for transportation to this centre as far back as 2017.

Learning materials to various schools across different senatorial districts in Lagos have also consistently been provided alongside donation of facilities such as; a standard modern studio for mass communications department of tertiary institutions to aid their learning and development skills.


Since successive governments, especially in recent past, have not risen to the challenge of improving the livelihood of those who truly brought them to power – the grassroots, our position to fight poverty and not the poor, saw us empowering small scale businesses.

With over 3,000 beneficiaries across 57 local governments and LCDAs, direct and continuous impact on lives by supporting them with tools and monetary resources to boost their businesses and overall economy of our beloved Lagos State became sustained.

Social & Community Development:

On a consistent basis we explore avenues to impact the lives of the youth as they are the critical drivers of real development.

We are involved in the sponsorship of a series of age grade football competitions. We also have taken up adoption of some students of the School for the Blind in Oshodi and equally provided walking aids to them.

In furtherance to our community development initiatives, we have established engagement initiatives with CDCs/CDAs across Lagos for collaborations on intervention areas.

Religious Benevolence:

We recognize and acknowledge the place of divine intervention in the progress of humanity. We have since taken it upon ourselves over the years to sponsor annual pilgrimages to Mecca and Jerusalem with over 60 beneficiaries to date.

Our Charge

The indigent in Lagos are currently in a pitiable state indeed with hope almost completely eroded. A scan upwards show that the situation is only slightly better up the ladder with a privileged few remaining insulated.

With available resources, especially revenue, to the government in Lagos, access to well-being and quality living should be within the reach of EVERY resident and not just a privileged handful. We are beyond convinced that a lot more could be achieved if resources are judiciously utilized.

We believe, It is time!

Don’t be left out!